Sunday, March 30, 2008

My business life

By day, I'm a businesswoman at a Financial Institution. But by night, I'm just a girl who likes to go out to do something casual like see a movie, or get all dolled up and look sexy for my man. I find myself drawn to interesting men who have substance, and varied interests. Perhaps one who is musically talented or has a great education. Looks are actually not that important to me, but I do appreciate a man who exercises and takes care of himself. A good conversationalist can win me over very easily, especially one with a keen sense of humour. But if you really want to turn me on, teach me something new, like my first anal sex, or even better -- shift my paradigm! You'll have me head over heels. I live near Sunnyside beach, and I really enjoy walking along the boardwalk, listening to my ipod. It would be so much better to do it with an interesting man. p.s. I'm not online a whole lot, so it's best to send me email.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A little bout my life....

Recently seperated 28, love to live each day to the fullest but still homeward bound. Want someone who is spontaneous and sexual who makes the plan and ill go along. Have a child gotta understand he is my number one. Family is very important to me and always will be. I am a pretty independant woman want someone who is stable and indepenadant person as well. I have never been on lava life before this is my first time who knows you never know what life has to bring. I do like roller blading, running, yoga, skating, boating, wake boarding, waterskiing, snowboarding,everything the more the meerier, bring on the outdoor adventure. I do like to have a relaxing time durng the week and sometimes fire it up on the weekends.